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Hi! I’m so glad you found yourself here!

I’m Becky. I’ve been photographing weddings and families in upstate NY since 2009. I’m a Rochester girl through and through and I absolutely love this place and the people here.

I have always loved photography. I picked up my camera one day to take pictures of my sister-in-law and her fiancé and realized how much I enjoyed photographing people in love. And that was that. I bought a great camera and fell in love with using it to capture and create beauty and I haven’t stopped. I’m a self-starter and a self-learner. If I find something I love, I’m all in. I research it to death, I practice it, I immerse myself into it, I’m invested. That’s how I feel about photography. I’ve spent countless hours with my nose in books and blogs, in workshops, being mentored by other photographers, trial and error practicing… I’m constantly working on new techniques and challenging myself toward growth.

My favorite things: coffee, dark chocolate, exploring new places, board games, evenings spent with a few good friends, and wine.

I would not be where I am today without the support of my incredible husband who loves me deeply as I am, my amazing friends who stand by me and tell me the truth about who I am, and my daughters Anna and Sarah, who bring unbelievable joy to my life, teach me much about love, and keep me constantly entertained.


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